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The Passthru Report for today (01/31/2015) has not been posted yet.

Regional Water Planning Group
Regional Water Planning

Clean Rivers Program
Clean Rivers Program

Nueces River Watershed Partnership
Nueces River
Watershed Partnership
Remarkable Riparian
Your Remarkable Riparian

Stream Flow Guages
Stream Flow Guages
Up to You
Up2U Litter Campaign
Pull Kill Plant
Pull. Kill. Plant.

Announcements, Meetings, and Workshops

Job Opening:   Leakey Wastewater Project Utility Director (Region N) RWPG Solicitation for Nominations
Nueces River Watershed Partnership Meeting - March 3, 2015
Future RWPG Meeting Dates: February 12, 2015, March 12, 2015, April 9, 2015, June 11, 2015 (Public Hearing),
October 15, 2015, and November 12, 2015.
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