Privacy Policy

General Users:  NRA is concerned about your privacy and is committed to providing a secure online environment. Here at the Nueces River Authority, we may ask for some personal information via online forms or e-mail. None of the information that the NRA collects will be disclosed to third parties, without express written permission, or unless the NRA receives a legally valid subpoena or court order.

In general, the NRA will gather information about visitors, which will be used:
  1. To provide patrons with information about services and documents available from NRA, as well as news and events pertaining to the NRA.
  2. To allow the patron to join a committee, send feedback, and other media via online forms.
  3. To gather statistical information about user trends. For example, the NRA may record
    1. how often that the site was visited and the frequency with which particular portions of the site is visited through counters and statistical programs.
    2. Summary reports produced from the logs.

This information is used in determining which pages within our site are most popular or goes unvisited. This information aids to ascertain the patrons' needs and to maintain the site's efficiency in its information dissemination.

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