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Choke Canyon Reservoir/Lake Corpus Christi Reservoir System /Mary Rhodes Pipeline
Water Usage Summary For February 2017
Reservoir System Summary
(Excluding Lake Texana)
Total InTotal Out
Measured Reservoir System Inflow2,924 2,924 14,617
Total M&I Diversions4,337
Total Loss from Evaporation10,294
Measured Inflow into Nueces Estuary1,414
(Target: 2,500 :: Required Passthru: 2,500)
Choke Canyon Reservoir Total InTotal Out
Inflow from San Miguel Creek52 60 6,264
Inflow from Frio River8
Loss from Evaporation4,548
Diversions to Three Rivers97
Diversions to Valero6
Diversions to Texas Parks & Wildlife1
Releases / Spills1,612
Lake Corpus Christi Total InTotal Out
Inflow from Nueces River4,476 4,476 11,827
Loss from Evaporation5,746
Diversions to Alice429
Diversions to Beeville217
Diversions to Mathis46
Releases / Spills / Passthrus5,389
Nueces River Total InTotal Out
Diversions to Flint Hills341   3,541
Diversions to Celanese112
Diversions to City of Corpus Christi2,403
Diversions to San Patricio Municipal Water District485
Nueces County WCID #3200
Mary Rhodes Pipeline (Lake Texana) Total InTotal Out
Diversions from Lake Texana3,538 3,538 3,538
Diversions to City of Corpus Christi2,422
Diversions to San Patricio Municipal Water District1,116
Mary Rhodes Pipeline (Colorado River) Total Pumped
Diversions from Colorado River0
(All values are in Acre Feet)
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