Employment Opportunities

REQUEST FOR STATEMENT OF QUALIFICATIONS ACCOUNTING SERVICES FOR NUECES RIVER AUTHORITY Statements of Qualifications are being accepted from individuals and firms interested in providing accounting services. CPA qualification is desired and experience working with Texas public utilities is required. Submittals must be delivered to Nueces River Authority, 200 East Nopal, Suite 206, Uvalde, TX 78801 or emailed to Frankie Kruckemeyer fkruckemeyer@nueces-ra.org no later than February 17, 2017 at 3:00 p.m. A discussion of services to be provided and information needed for the Statement of Qualifications can be acquired from Ms. Kruckemeyer (830) 278-6810 or from our website https://www.nueces-ra.org.

Supplemental Information for Request for Qualifications

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