U.S. Department of the Interior

Partners in Conservation Award

For over four years, NRA has worked with a large number of parties to develop a plan to protect eight threatened and endangered species found at Comal and San Marcos springs, both of which are fed by the Edwards Aquifer. Without a protection plan in place, if these species were harmed or killed due to low or no spring flows, there was a good possibility that a federal court would take over regulation of the aquifer, affecting millions of people dependent upon its water.

For over twenty years, efforts to develop a plan ended in conflict and failure. This latest attempt, known as the Edwards Aquifer Recovery Implementation Program (EARIP), succeeded with the development by the stakeholders of a Habitat Conservation Plan that was approved by the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service in March 2013. Con Mims, Executive Director of Nueces River Authority, has served as Chairman of this stakeholder committee from 2009 to present. The attached certificate recognizes NRA's participation in this notable event.

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