Project Background
Water Quality

Recreational Use Attainability Analysis (RUAA)
for San Miguel Creek

San Miguel Creek RUAA Final Report

The San Miguel Creek RUAA has been completed and accepted by the TCEQ.

Project Goals/Objectives: This project collected data to evaluate factors affecting attainment of recreational use in San Miguel Creek (Segment 2108). To ensure decision-making was founded on local input and that watershed action is successful, public participation and stakeholder interaction was a critical component of this project.

This project consisted of performing a Comprehensive RUAA on San Miguel Creek (Segment 2108) for the purpose of ascertaining the level of recreational use occurring in the creek. This project adhered to the procedures provided in the TCEQ Procedures for a Comprehensive RUAA and a Basic RUAA Survey.

This Comprehensive RUAA of San Miguel Creek consisted of 4 main tasks: a) conducting the required two surveys of San Miguel Creek, b) public participation and stakeholder interaction c) evaluation of historical bacterial water quality data and d) compilation of GIS data pertaining to the San Miguel Creek watershed.

Project Location: San Miguel Creek (Segment 2108)

RUAA San Miguel Creek Project Fact Sheet

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