Google Earth
Sonar Imagery Maps of Sections of the Nueces River

Map of available sections at the bottom of this page.

Introduction: You must have Google Earth (GE) installed to view these files. If you do not have GE installed you can do that here. To download the following kml files to your computer, click on one of the files, then click "Save as". Save the files where you can find them. Once downloaded, double click the kml file you wish to view or open GE and drag one of the kml files into GE's My Places or Temporary Places. GE will then open the location and overlay the sonar imagery onto the map.

Warning! These are very large filesets so please be patient!

Nueces 1 Nueces 2 Nueces 3 Nueces 4 Nueces 5 Nueces 6
Nueces 7 Nueces 8 Nueces 9 Nueces 10 Nueces 11 Nueces 12
Identified Nueces River Targets

Instructions for Viewing in Web Browser: The following links have Google Earth KML Gadget embedded in the page. Click on one of the links and the embedded application will open a .kml file which will overlay a portion of the nueces river with sonar images in your browser. Internet Explorer (ie) version 10 and version 11 will require installation of Google's 3D plugin, Once installed, click on settings and change the mode to compatibility mode (don't forget to change the mode back after viewing). Mozilla's Firefox browser will ask for activation of the 3D plugin once installed and will then display the sonar imagery. Google Chrome opens the following links easily after allowing content to load.
Disregard the security warning and allow content to load. This warning is displayed due to absolute links used in the google gadget.

Clip 1Clip 2Clip 3Clip 4 Clip 5Clip 6
Clip 7Clip 8 Clip 9Clip 10Clip 11Clip 12

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